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Night of the Wheeler Dead

November 8th, 2011 apcook15

So, contrary to what the snow on the ground outside would suggest, it was Halloween this last week! True, the 8-10 inches of snow made the holiday seem more like a Christmas or New Years (which, for some without power, were celebrated from the 19th century), but at least we never lost power on Mt. St. James, so Halloween went on as planned.

Lessons learned:

1.) That awkward moment when you show up to Montserrat class with facepaint to realize you’re the only one who said they were going to dress up and actually did is made so much better by the bag of candy the teacher gives you (most likely out of pity).

2.) Knowing where the nearest bathrooms are to wash off said facepaint right after class pays off.

3.)You become the hero of any class for dressing as a zombie.

The party continued that night back in Wheeler (with everyone else costumed as well, thank God). Tony the Tiger, Clifford the Big Red Dog, several (Brokeback?) cowboys, Geronimo, Al Gore, and the Progressive lady all made an appearance for the night. Watch out for what happens, though, when only two of the ordered four pizzas show up; you stop being the only bloodthirsty zombie in the room, and things get ugly real fast. Let this serve as a warning to all inept pizzamen.

Costumes and all, it was an absolute blast. Let’s see what happens on Thanksgiving now…

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