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Thankful for a Break

November 23rd, 2011 apcook15


Sorry it’s been a little while everyone, I just had the most absolutely insane workload week of my life. Whenever an alum talks about college and says, with a smile, “Ahhhh, good times…… Lot of work though;” this last week was the unfortunate add-on. 2 5-page essays, a calc exam, about 100 calc problems, and a chem. lab later, though, and I’m still standing (barely).

During all of this, I went down to Van Cortland Park in the Bronx, NY, for the final XC race of the season. For someone who loves travelling Despite the lengthy drive, it was a much needed change of scenery from the library, and it was a blast

Thanks for a great first season boys.

Now that everything’s calmed down, though, I can honestly say there’s not a place I’d rather be writing this than from the comfort of my own home. After the week I ( and I assume most other kids) just had, the turkey tastes that much better when it’s from your own kitchen.

See you all after the turkey coma.

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