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‘Twas the Week After Christmas

December 29th, 2011 apcook15

Seasons greetings!!!

So it’s been forever and a day since I’ve been up on this, which I apologize for. In betweeen then and now, I have: 

  1. Written two papers and taken three exams for semester finals
  2. Recovered from said exam horror by means of switching back to normal human sleeping hours
  3. Watched Sherlock Holmes take down Professor Moriarty
  4. Witnessed the end of Tebow-mania
  5. Watched all the Christmas specials I’d missed at college in a marathon sitting
  6. Read Charles Dicken’s entire A Christmas Carol


Then – rather unfairly, I think, since all this other stuff was going on at the same time- Christmas Day decided to roll around, with all the present giving and tryptophan-induced sleeping that thankfully accompany it.

As the year comes to a close (I know, I don’t really believe it either), I hope Santa was good to you all and I wish you all a happy holiday season!!!

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