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January 16th, 2012 apcook15

Off the bat: I have nothing against Tim Tebow as a person. He seems a genuinely nice guy, I have no problems with the religion thing, and he himself has not actually encouraged any of the press thrown his way.

But enough was enough. He played 18 games this season and won only 9 of them, but for all the press the man’s gotten you’d think he was the second coming of the God he prays to after every touchdown. The attention has created a hilarious SNL skit, an equally hilarious Jimmy Fallon (as David Bowie) song, and a new victory move here replicated by yours truly.

All that came to a crashing and guiltfully satisfying halt last night at the hands of poster-boy Brady and his steely-eyed, grey-sweatshirted coach. References to Darth Vader and other arch-villains abound whenever Bill Belichick is brought into conversation with fans from outside the region, but the man knows how to coach a football team probably better than he knows how to breathe.

I’ve grown up in one of the most unbelievably dominant sports towns in history, and I’ve been forever spoiled by it. It’s with a great amount of pleasure (and a tiny bit of guilt), though, that I admit that games like last night’s are what I live for. Just watching a team show up, execute with stone-cold precision, and walk off the field again leaving Tebow’s reputation – and probably his ego – in shambles, without ANY showboating or drama, is what sports should be all about.

Here’s to the weeks ahead……

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