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Sympathy for the Devil

January 27th, 2012 apcook15

I’ve been a high school graduate for just about 8 months now. All during high school and the preceding elementary and middle schools, every day meant a 7:00 wake-up for an 8:00 start to the school day, which went until well after 2:00  –  a pattern that I’m sure is repeated in every household with under-18s across the world.

8 months only, and yet during that time the prospect of waking up at 7:00 for a 6-straight hour school day has become completely foreign and horrifying; you’re counted among the unfortunate ones around here if you have to drag yourself out of bed for a 9:00 class more than once a week. Two back-to-back classes is seen as a tragedy, and three or more falls just short of receiving a Medal of Honor.

That said, the classes are also considerably more interesting. Courtesy of Montserrat, my transcript is able to include a class entitled, “The Devil Made Me Do It;” the first homework assignment for said class was a 10-minute youtube video on the history and evolution of none other than the Prince of Darkness himself.

If  someone had told me 8 months ago I’d be having 3-hour (MAX!!) school days filled with classes dedicated primarily to stories about Big Bad, I’d have thought them absolutely mental. Now, I honestly wouldn’t trade a minute of it for anything high school had to offer. It’s the little things like that that sneak up and surprise you, and they’re the reason returning to college after a month and a half felt like coming back to a second home.

Hope everyone has a good second semester, can’t wait to have a Hell of a time.

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