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A Giant(s) Disappointment

February 6th, 2012 apcook15

Not many times in my life have I experienced what sports were like in three of the four major sports in Boston pre-21st century. The infamous gaffes of Bill Buckner, the Curse of the Bambino, and the just all-around atrociousness of the Bruins and Patriots all disappeared with the coming of the new millenia, and over the last decade Boston has thrived as one of the most successful and eventful sports towns in history.

As millions of citizens were sullenly and brutally reminded of tonight, however, not every ending can be Adam Vinatieri 49-yard field goals or Papelbon 3-0 strikeouts. I am gracious and humble enough in defeat to admit – straight out – that we lost to a better, more well-executed team in the Giants. The fact that this time was a sequel staggers me even more, but, as I said, I concede. We lost.

We’re not hopeless in defeat though. Tom Brady still remains entrenched in the pantheon of all-time best athletes (and still has a Brazilian super-model to return home to), New England has learned how to “Gronk” at every significant acheivement, and sales for Adele’s mega-hit album 21 will literally explode in the Massachusetts area to help fans deal with their grieving. And, let’s be honest people, from season-start to season-end, it was a heck of a ride. For that, Belichick and company, I will always and forever be eternally grateful.

To add some perspective though, these are things that will remain unchanged come Patriots’ win or loss:

  • 1.)     I have to wake up tomorrow at 7am and trudge through the week, just like billions of others.
  • 2.)    The economy still remains in shambles and American soldiers remain fighting away from home.
  • 3.)    Sick and dying people remain so in hospitals and care centers all around the world.
  • 4.)    All in all, the circle of life goes on unchanged.


There is, on the bright side, always next year.

And more importantly and immediately: pitchers and catchers report for training in two weeks. I can already hear “Sweet Caroline”…….

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