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Las Vegas Love

February 17th, 2012 apcook15

Well, we’re almost out of this freakishly mild winter, the kind of season that just doesn’t happen around these parts. It’s only just now that I’ve begun to process the fact that Mother Nature may not actually be cooking up some blizzard that’ll deposit 27ft of snow on the area, and we may actually get out of this one without a scratch. Students from out of the area: Count your lucky stars.

In the meantime, I’m a good deal of the way into the Spring semester, which, I begin to realize, is positively flying by. Seriously, as fast as Fall semester – the first semester ever on a college campus – seemed to go by, this one is progressing at twice that speed. Spring break is only two weeks away! I’m doing absolutely nothing special for it, by the way; trips to Malibu or Bermuda can wait until down the road, and that’s fine with me.

This past week was heavy on Las Vegas and love – but thankfully no Las Vegas love. The former came in the shape of the annual Freshman Dance in the Hogan ballroom, with a Las Vegas Casino theme. Imagine a typical high school dance party, but with three poker games and a roulette table thrown in for atmosphere. Due to a tremendous amount of luck and with the help of some generous/down-on-their luck friends, this guy was able to chalk up $160,000 Holy Cross dollars (which has the same retail value as Monopoly money, but still…)

The Four Horsemen of Wheeler, pre-party

The latter meant that it was Valentine’s Day again, my first one celebrated on a college campus. Besides Cupid’s arrows (or a seasonal flu, either/or) cancelling my 8am chem class, without a doubt the best part of this Valentine’s Day was the fact that it was my first one I wasn’t  single for. My girlfriend was able to come down for a day the weekend before, and it was one of the better days of the semester so far. Since she’s a high school senior currently playing the college acceptance  waiting game, I was able to see the campus from a fresh perspective again through her eyes as we walked around. She was blown away by how gorgeous the campus was and how nice the people are, and it made me appreciate this place all the more. I hope Cupid was as good to everyone else out there.

As the winter months tick down, I’ve never felt more at home at Holy Cross than I do now. And I haven’t even had a chance to slide down Freshman Field on a Kimball tray yet!

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