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A Break before the Break

March 1st, 2012 apcook15

 I genuinely don’t normally talk about the weather this much anywhere outside the blog, but it’s been so incredible this year that I’d be remiss not to at least mention it every now and then. In a manner typical of the winter we’ve had this year, the snow only finally decides to show up on the very last day of February (Happy Leap Year everyone, people with February 29th birthdays can actually celebrate now and mean it). I have to say, despite the long wait and the unreasonably high possibility that either myself or someone I know will fall and break a bone just trying to get to class tomorrow, this campus is absolutely gorgeous under a layer of snow. Of course it’s only in the 48 hours before we all leave for Spring Break do we actually get to enjoy it. The kid on my floor with the sleds: beware. Your room is about to be broken into and your sleds about to be used while we still can. You’ve been warned.

Very quiet around here lately, been wrapping up the longest continuous stretch of school without a break that I’ll have to endure the rest of this year. A fantastic way to change the scenery (and I deeply regret the fact that I haven’t taken advantage of it before now) was to catch the weekend shuttle from the Hogan Center into Boston. My friends and I got dropped off literally at the corner of Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market; those of you from around here know what a fantastic area that is, and I want those of you who aren’t to know that I could eat at a different restaurant every meal there for two weeks and not go hungry. Seriously.

It was a blast exposing my friends  from New York to the neighborhood, with the highlight coming in the trip to Mike’s Pastrys in the North End. To anyone who has ever eaten a cannoli in their lives EVER and enjoyed it, this place is Mecca. No understatement. These guys could pay me to do ads for them, if the hundreds of people who were already in line there before 5:00 didn’t all feel exactly the same way. If you think I’ve begun ranting here, I challenge you to go for yourself and not do the same….

Very excited to go home this Friday for Spring Break, it couldn’t come at a more opportune or well-deserved time. Very much looking forward to picking up Bruce Springsteen’s new album Wrecking Ball over the week, it should just further prove to everyone why he’s called The Boss (I can apparently do ads for HIM too).

Talk to you guys soon, hope you all enjoyed Winter Break/ hope you have a good Spring Break!!

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