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365 Days in the Life

April 12th, 2012 apcook15

Admittedly, 365 days is a bit longer time period to cover than I think the Beatles intended (if you don’t get the reference, shame on you), but it works really well for my purposes here.
As the end nears for this school year, I’ve been reflecting more and more on the life changes that have taken place in the last 365 days; needless to say, I’m very far removed from where I was. 365 days encompassed:
1.) My graduation from high school with all the fanfare and formalities that accompany such an occasion.
2.) My second time running the back half of the Boston Marathon with my Dad.

       – As a side note, round 3 comes next Monday as I join my Dad at Wellesley College to finish his NINTH marathon with  him. Best of luck to him and the rest of his E-Streeters, God knows they need it!! Blog (and hospital bill) to follow.
3.) An entire year spent with my girlfriend, an anniversary I was happily able to celebrate at home on Easter break last week. Here’s looking forward to even more to come!
4.) The passing of both a grandmother and a grandfather, whose presences are missed every day.
5.) The horrifically awful collapse of the Red Sox, the strike of the NBA, presentation of Lord Stanley to the Boston Bruins among choruses of “Black and Yellow”, and the rise of Tebow Mania amidst another brilliant Patriots season.

And now, to quote from Tenth-Avenue Freezeout (another reference ignorants should be ashamed of), “This is the important part!”

6.)  Acceptance to and attendance at Holy Cross!!!!!
As I walked around campus these last few days and saw all the touring groups or talked to the throngs of people that packed the Admissions Office during my Tuesday afternoon shift there, I was reminded of just what an exciting time this was for me last year. Admittance to Holy Cross, and my eventual decision to attend, rank among the most pivotal moments of my entire life; the “it’s what got me to where I am today” chestnut is a bit of an understatement here, seriously. To all the people going through this very process as we speak, two things: number one, congratulations on even making it this far, the hardest part is behind you. Number two and more importantly, know that wherever you decide to go is bound to be the right choice for you, it’s all what you make of it. Thankfully, Holy Cross was the perfect choice for me. I couldn’t imagine a place that’s better suited for me to call my second home, I can – not – wait to see what the next 365 days bring.

“I read the news today, oh boy.”

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