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May 25th, 2012 apcook15

So….. Deep breath, this is a busy one.

Hey there everyone, HUGE apologies on not posting in forever, I’d been planning to throw up an update during the month but, as they say, life is everything that happens while you’re making plans.

Impossible as it seems, that’s a year of college come and gone. To say that this was A) undoubtedly the fastest year of my life and B) equally undoubtedly the most fun I’ve ever had are both understatements. With everything that happened in the time from the often-storied freshman move-in day (which seems like a while ago and yesterday all at the same exact time) to my schlepping a year’s worth of dorm provisions in a duffel bag up to my car  after finals ended, there’s no other way to describe the first year at Holy Cross than as living at a home away from home.

Speaking of finals…. oof. With friends packing up and hitting the road, the early May weather beckoning tauntingly from outside the library window, and an overall feeling of “stick a fork in me, I’m done,” finals week is the closest Holy Cross gets to a scene from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Y’know, without the decapitations.

A week later though, I write this to you from the oh-so-impossible-to-understate comfort of my own house and I’m happy to say: mission accomplished. There are some who would say that my friends and I not only surviving through finals week but emerging successful on the other side doesn’t quite equate with  superheroics of THE AVENGERS, but please. Technicalities. (I feel obligated to sneak in at least one geek-out per entry and want to say that for those of you jumping onto the superhero bandwagon at the moment….Welcome aboard, we’ve been waiting).

I think I’ll wrap it up here for now since it’s impossible to encompass this entire last month in a single entry, but fear not: several more entries will be coming rapid-fire. Be still your beating heart, I know. Until then, though, hope everyone’s enjoying the beautiful weather and has plans outside for Memorial Day weekend, it’s time to kick back (or kick it up?) and start enjoying summer!!!

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