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Prom Part II

June 5th, 2012 apcook15


So as not to unfairly lead on an outsider hopefuls with a trail of false breadcrumbs, let me say right here at the beginning that Holy Cross doesn’t have a prom, as awesome as that would be.

Lowell High School (my alma mater), on the other hand, does, and there wasn’t a chance on the face of the Earth that I’d miss this year’s traditional big night with my soon-to-graduate girlfriend. She’d been my date to my own prom last year and to this day I’m still trying to figure out why the best-looking girl from both years decided to go with me. Needless to say after the unforgettable time I had last year, I went back again for a second helping.

After more than enough time spent on the couch to fully recuperate from the stress of finals, and after months and months of excited anticipation, prom night couldn’t have come quick enough. My girlfriend had teasingly refused to let slip ANY details of her dress beyond the color and I can assure you, on my author’s honor – the suspense was worth it. Pictures really don’t come close to capturing how great she looked, especially since my mouth is hanging open in amazement for a good amount of them.

    Just how many people does it take to pin on a flower?

There's a very lucky boy in this picture.




 There’s a very lucky young man in this picture….. 






Don't they just exude mystery?

Be careful. They're trained spies.













Really, from beginning to end, it was just a spectacular night. The food, the dancing, the atmosphere in general, and above them all my gorgeous date, couldn’t have been any better.  As I sat down for a much-needed break from dancing at the end of the night, it was interesting remembering back to where I had been at this point last year and everything I’ve seen and done since then. It was a trip as unforgettable as prom itself, and to all the soon-to-be-graduated high school seniors (especially the ones heading off to Holy Cross!!!): I hope your time is just as unforgettable!

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