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Sophmore Move-In!

September 4th, 2012 apcook15


Hey there everyone!
Posts over the summer were scattered at best, and there’ve been a few blogs now that have gone away from Holy Cross in their subject matter – and not for lack of trying on the college’s part, I promise you. It’s a perfect time to jump straight back into things now though, in more ways than one. So without further ado, welcome to sophmore year everyone!

With the end of summer completely free from work and other committments, I had more than enough time to charge up and prepare for move-in, a luxury I didn’t have last year. With big things like these, it really does make all the difference in the world working everything out and buying supplies with time to spare (perishable goods aside, please). While last year was a blast, the whirlwind of new people, new places and just new life in general made it a little hard to appreciate the experience at the time, especially with some other outside circumstances piled on top. This year, I know every single person in my hall as a close friend, let alone my roommate, and the amazing Holy Cross housing selection process had allowed us to go in and pick the specific ROOM we wanted at selection time, not just the dorm . Talk about a turnaround.

All through a really fantastic summer, then, I’d been looking forward to moving back up. Now seasoned pros, my family and I packed everything into the back of my car and headed down to Worcester, with none of the anxiety that had accompanied us (and every first-time family) into freshman year. Move-in itself was a breeze, and we had the cars unloaded and the room completely set up within the space of an hour. A quick walk around campus to remind the parents of all the hill climbs they’d be missing out on and then it was back up the Hogan lot for some goodbyes – much easier on Mom this year I think. After all, I’d survived through the first one, how hard can the second one be?

Let’s find out!

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