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September 20th, 2012 apcook15


Hello everyone! Halfway through my fourth week of sophomore year now and everything is still going fantastically well: classes, professors, the dorm room, Kimball, everything, it couldn’t be better. Rather than being selfish and elaborating on any of these things, however, I figured I wouldn’t bore you and instead I’d give my own personal perspective on a piece of bona fide Holy Cross history that happened last week.

This last Friday, I was truly honored to be a part of the inauguration of Rev. Philip L. Boroughs as the 32nd president of Holy Cross, however small it was. In the days preceding it, there was that tangible sense of preparation on campus that comes when you know something big is about to happen. Busloads of Jesuits and other high-ranking academics from across the country – and even, in some cases, from places outside of it – began arriving on campus; the grounds, which are immaculate in normal circumstances anyways, looked like something out of a lawn and garden magazine; circular tabes lined the walls of Kimball, waiting for the normal long tables to be removed for the Presidential banquet the following day.

You could tell something was REALLY happening when professors across campus began cancelling Friday afternoon classes, leaving everyone free to watch the ceremonies. And man, Holy Cross did not disappoint. Attendance at this wasn’t mandatory, but hundreds (if not more!) of students came from every year to show their support. T-shirts were generously distributed to anyone who decided to show up, and so the sidewalk from the door of the Hogan Center all the way up the hill to the Hart Center was one continous line of red – ON BOTH SIDES.

The academic dignitaries who had arrived over the prior few days and Holy Cross trustees and faculty marched through the crimson corridor decked out in their professorial caps and gowns; it really was pretty impressive. With this entourage, and the accompaniment of the Holy Cross marching band as they played the victory theme from Star Wars, Father Boroughs walked proudly up the hill to overwhelming applause all the way. As a nice touch, previous president Father McFarland walked mere steps away from his successor, beaming all the way and drawing some of  the biggest applause of the day from students.

Once inside the Hart Center, on a stage built specifically for the occasion and with an enormous Holy Cross seal as the backdrop, digitaries from local and state government, fellow Worcester Consortium presidents, Jesuit leaders from across the country and current students all lent their voice in welcoming Fr. Boroughs. John DeGioia, President of Georgetown University, delivered the inauguration address before handing the podium over to Fr. Boroughs himself. With the Holy Cross choir and ceremonial orchestra on hand for the afternoon’s music, it truly was a flawless occasion from start to finish.

Here’s wishing the best of luck to Fr. Boroughs as he starts his tenure, Holy Cross is an amazing place and we’re backing you all the way!!

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