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Parent’s Weekend 2012!!

October 29th, 2012 apcook15


Hello there everyone!
Been a busy couple of weeks here but – for the second year in a row – there’s a hurricane in these parts!!! Turns out all it takes for Holy Cross to cancel classes is a Category I storm like Sandy here, which means I finally have the time to sit down and crank one of these out and update you all on my goings-on. These past couple of days were parent’s weekend here on the Hill, and if that’s not blog worthy material I don’t know what is.

To kick things off, the Boss was in town last Thursday night… Or fine, not EXACTLY in town, but close enough that we’d still gladly make the journey to see him. My dad and his E-Streeter buddies came down and picked me up right at the door of the campus center and we all continued on our way down to Hartford CT, where Angelino’s Italian restaurant and the hard-rockin’, pants-droppin’, earth-quakin’, booty-shakin’, history makin’, LEGENDARY E-Street band awaited. I’ve gone in tow to over a dozen Springsteen shows at this point and I’ve been listening to him since literally birth, and the man still does not disappoint. He was moving around that stage at 63 with an energy I’m not sure I have at 19, and it made for yet another truly incredible show that supplied the 17,000-strong audience with bone-deep cuts into Springsteen’s ever-expanding catalogue of 40+ years of material and no shortage of goosebumps. My RA was actually in the crowd too, and we were able to bump into each other after the show. Both Springsteen vets, all we had to do was look at each other and smile; it’s an experience I can’t recommend highly enough to anyone still unawares, especially those in my own generation.

The obligatory Father-Son pic. Fantastic memories all around. Bruce even posed for us in the background!

Then, a few days later, the rest of the family packed up the car with tailgate food and made their way down to Freshman Field for our second annual family weekend football tailgate! My roommate Martin and I trekked down the absurdly steep slopes of Mt. St. James to meet up with them and our longtime family friends, the Cassidys. I think we should pause for a moment of silence here to commemorate all those who lost their footing on the slippery inclines of the Hill that day, my roommate included. The many wet pant seats that day served as testament to their sacrifice.

The gentlemen of Lehy 127 with the HC Green Monster behind them.

Decent people that we are, we of course spent the rest of the day in eager anticipation of unfortunate tailgaters to come roll-roll-rolling down the slopes.

From there, we moved into Fitton Field to watch the Crusaders take on the Fordham Rams before a packed house, with my main group of friends and their respective families all present and showing their ‘Sader spirit. All of us met in Wheeler last year and most of us live in Lehy this year, so we’ve all gotten to know each other like family and hang out constantly. And of course, the Crusader himself was there to make sure that everyone was at their most enthusiastic!

Sadly, the ‘Saders lost (again) in the last few seconds of play, but it was a fun day nevertheless. Afterwards, in one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had yet at HC, I took my mom, dad and sister up to Kimball for dinner. HC Dining proved itself yet again, and all three went home with full stomachs and the the knowledge that I’m never in danger of going hungry here – even with a meal schedule that Pippin Took himself would be proud of. Elevensies anyone?

I’ll leave you with a so long for now, and more importantly, stay safe everyone! Sandy may be one of Springsteen’s more gentle love ballads, but she’s not one to be caught out in unprepared!

And a P.S. : Even though the Crusaders were unable to walk away with a win, the day was far from complete loss. In fact, the future has never looked brighter for the football team, as a star quarterback has been unveiled!! She has a LOT of work to do before she makes it to the big-times, but I think she’s definitely worth a second glance by any scouts. Eat your heart out Tom Brady.

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