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Fighting Nemo

February 10th, 2013 apcook15

Hello to all and congratulations: if you’re reading this, you’ve successfully made it through the Blizzard of ’13! Things were a bit tundra-esque here at Holy Cross Friday night into Saturday morning, and the green campus we’d all been accustomed to was buried deep beneath drifts of the powdery white stuff when all was said and done. We New Englanders (and many of you honorary ones) are hardy folk, though, and it’ll take more than a snowstorm named after a plucky Pixar character to do us in. On a side note – since when have snow storms had names? Certainly not in my lifetime, I can tell you that much. I hear the next one coming is named Wall-E…

Between the essay on imitation in Plato’s Republic and the second half of Pride and Prejudice both due for Tuesday, I’m sorry to say this blog will be on the shorter side. I really just want to take this opportunity, firstly, to post up some of the pics taken in the storm’s aftermath. The already stately grounds look even more impressive under snow and there are calendar-worthy shots basically any which way you point a camera. Second and more importantly, I want to send out a deep and heartfelt thanks to the entire Holy Cross staff who braved the conditions for the sake of the campus and everyone on it – a feeling I know to be shared by many. Public Safety and ResLife going above and beyond to ensure everyone remained safe while the storm raged outside; the OUTSTANDING Kimball Dining staff who were able to feed the entire campus Friday night when all other dining options had closed up shop before actually spending the night in Lower Kimball to make sure we had food waiting for us come Saturday morning; the incredible Grounds Crew, who spent all of Saturday and Sunday shoveling the campus out from beneath drifts of snow that were yards-deep in places (an effort I assisted in all Saturday afternoon, giving me the grounds to truly appreciate just how heinous it can be shoveling a campus with more staircases than some smaller third-world countries); you’re all known to be bar-setting at any given time, and over the past weekend you simply shattered it. My tremendous thanks again!

Yes. The snow was literally coming in the doors.

That's a LOT of steps to shovel. Take my word for it.

P.S. All this snow helped me check off a bucket list item I’ve  had literally since sending in the application letter to come here: KIMBALL TRAY SLEDDING! Those suckers get AIR going down Freshman Field at 60mph, turns out. An absolute blast, and a must to any one who still hasn’t tried it.

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  1. Mary JO says:

    What a reflection Andrew….made me wish I was there…especially for the TRAY SLEDDING!

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