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The Celtic Cross!

March 17th, 2013 apcook15

Top o’ the [insert current time of day] to ye! Halfway through the unbelievably short school month that is March and we find ourselves at yet another St. Patrick’s day on Holy Hill. The holiday and traditions are HUGE around here and have always been especially so with me, coming from a bleeding-green Irish family as I do; it’s almost funny to me keeping in mind that most other places around the country aren’t such enthusiastic shillelagh-carriers as us Greater Bostonians. As one girl from California put it to me in Kimball the other day, “We usually just wear like a green t-shirt or something…”

Having only just recently lived through it a second time here at Holy Cross, though, there’s no other way for me to describe it to outsiders as anything less than the single best weekend of the year on campus – even to those in denial of having a single drop of Irish blood in their body! A bunch of friends and I got together this weekend for the Irish Olympics, and it-was-a-BLAST.

Don't we inspire fear?

Prof. Parrott's Latin class team, ready to run!

Public-Safety and other higher administration officials did another fantastic job of making sure no-one was having too much fun… Enormous thanks and appreciation to them all, yet again! And Kimball made sure that not one green-garbed belly went without the customary St. Patrick’s day fare of corned beef and cabbage, serving it up with all due proper tradition Sunday night to a hungry campus. I lost count at plate number seven.

And, with only ONE MONTH to go until the big dance, the Boston Marathon itself, I couldn’t let the weekend go by without pounding the pavement. If you’re up for the distances and know your way around, there are some STUNNING running loops around the Greater Worcester area. Today’s took me past the Holden Reservoir and up into the tiny town of Paxton, my second home where I’ve been visiting my grandparents since birth. And at journey’s end: more corned beef! These Irish eyes were certainly smiling… because this Irish mouth was way too busy eating!!!

Scenery fit for the Emerald Isle itself

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