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July 29th, 2013 apcook15

Just a quick check-in blog this time, and I can’t think of a better topic to dedicate this one to than Holy Cross’ incoming freshman class! More specifically, those incoming freshman from Northern Massachusetts’ Merrimack Valley, the region my hometown of Lowell sits right squarely in the middle of. With these two worlds colliding at a welcoming event held at St. Michael’s Church in North Andover, and after an invitation from Class of ’77 alum Martha McGuane (a personal friend of my dad’s) on behalf of Holy Cross’ Merrimack Valley Club, how could I pass up the opportunity to attend??
After Sunday services in the main church, we headed to an upstairs area for a meet-n-greet reception, with current students and alumni from as far back as the 70s and as recently as the ’12 class greeting the incoming Crusaders and their families.

Greeting the families!!

The Merrimack Valley Class of '17! From left to right: Gabrielle Grant, Allie Thiel, Nicole Annino, Jason Steranko, Cassie Kobelski, Emily Hall, & Tony Van

The Class of '17 with current students Vipsania Pimental '14, Dana McManus '16, and your humble author

And the money shot! 4 decades of 'Sader Nation on display in one frame... Not too shabby

Ironically, a day meant to get the freshman excited for move in day – now less than a month away! – probably had more of an effect on me than it did on them! Summer’s been great so far, no doubt, but as we head into the dog days and with rockers from Springsteen to the Who reminding us young working adults that, “there ain’t no killer for the summertime blues,” it’s DEFINITELY time to return to campus in my opinion. Cluing the freshman on everything they have waiting for them just made me miss it all the more, and it was a miracle I didn’t start packing my bags as soon as I got back home. I think I’ll hold out on that just a while longer, though, as long as those nice UV rays keep shining and those summertime waves keep on crashing on the beaches. And, to help fill the hole, the HC Merrimack Valley Club will be attending its annual Lowell Spinners’ game this Wednesday night. Any ‘Saders in the area, be sure to stop by… the Canaligator’s a big fan of the Purple and White! See you all there!!

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