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Blinded by the Lights

September 22nd, 2013 apcook15

Hey again all! A very happy Fall to everyone, it being my own personal favorite of the seasons. It’s been an unbelievably strong start to what’s shaping up to me my best (and busiest) school year to date! Classes are keeping me typically busy – Shakespeare, Chaucer, and the rest send their regards – and in addition I’ve begun tour guiding families in the Admissions Department, started an amazing internship in the Dean’s Office writing for Holy Cross Magazine, and slipped right into the role of the Holy Cross Running Club’s acting Chair. *Phew* It’s tiring just to type it! If you can forgive me, then, this will be on the shorter side of posts, just meant to keep you updated on some HC events. This one will focus on yesterday’s festivities, to be exact, as the Crusader football team took Fitton Field under the lights for Holy Cross’ once-a-year night game.

My mom, dad, and sister, all Freshman Field tailgate veterans, came down for the afternoon with POUNDS of food in the back seat. Purple Pride’s been in my mom’s side of the family for decades, and she has a book of stories from when she and her family would actually leapfrog up and down the Eastern Seaboard in the ’80s following the Crusaders to different road games; one of the face-offs at a game in Delaware set a record for the coldest temperature ever recorded on the planet, if her telling has any truth to it.

This year’s even more exciting, if anything, since now my cousin Ben has joined the population of ‘Sader Nation. The first boy of two alums (my mom’s brother and sister-in-law) has settled like a glove into Wheeler Dorm. and is making his way quite nicely through the chemistry and biology classes of the pre-med track. I’m glad to see the scientific genes went to someone in the family!


Freshman Field tailgating before kick-off. It's as fun as it looks

With fifteen minutes to game time, the mass exodus began from Freshman Field and into the stadium. Since Fitton doesn’t have built-in stadium lighting, the Crusaders only have one night game a year, and it’s always an event not to be missed. Last night was no exception, and people rightly began looking forward to it days in advance. From my room in Carlin, I could actually see the flatbed trucks carrying in the lights as their cargo, and watched them literally rise from the ground up as set-up progressed over the later part of the week.

My sister Heather, cousin Zach, and his brother Ben, all appropriately decked out in 50 Shades of Purple, before joining...

The crowd inside!!! It was even more crowded than the picture makes it look - I dare you to find someplace else with as much school spirit and pride

Clans Cook and Nicholson, all ready to 'give another hoya and a choo-choo rah-rah'

Really, then, no better way to start the Fall Season than with good old fashioned football. The Crusaders unfortunately couldn’t pull out a win, though they did manage to at least make it interesting in the final quarter. A month of Red Sox/Patriots/Bruins/Celtics (all at the same time!!), haunted houses, and beautiful New England foliage awaits, so until next time, get out there and enjoy it all. So long for now!

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